Víctor Sánchez

Víctor Sánchez, instructor at Berges Institute

Víctor Sánchez grew up in Caracas, Venezuela. He moved to the States in 2014 and joined Berges in 2015. Victor advises students regarding the program, placement procedures, planning and scheduling, and achieving long-term goals. His favorite TV show is Friends, and his favorite city is Paris. On the weekends, Víctor loves listening to music while enjoying a glass of wine, going out for lunch or dinner, visiting museums, going to concerts, and cooking, and, although he has mastered different cuisines, his fantastic Venezuelan arepas are his signature dish.

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Student Ratings

  Kristen Misak | Online | 5/5/2021

Victor is always helpful and very responsive!

 | Online | 4/15/2021

Very helpful

  Francie Marbury | Online | 4/14/2021

Answered my emails promptly and thoroughly

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