Courtney Cortes

Courtney Cortes, instructor at Berges Institute

Courtney Cortes grew up in Queens, NYC. She joined the Berges team in 2018 as evening-time Front Desk Associate. She takes care of all communications with the students every night, and helps them register for classes, find make-up options and schedule private lessons among other things. She loves swimming, playing video games, watching anime, and making great quesadillas. Her favorite place to travel to is Mexico, as her family is there.

99 ratings

Student Ratings

  Bobby Paolino | Online | 5/4/2021

I called to find information about Berges and Courtney helped me with everything I needed to know.

  Lance Silverman | Online | 3/3/2021

Courtney was courteous, responsive, and helpful.

  Moe | Online | 2/14/2021

She always helps with a big smile

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