Level 5: Subjunctive, Conditional and Imperative

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If you are confident speaking in the past, present and future tenses and have a wide vocabulary, you should take Level 5.

In this level, you will work hard on the subjunctive mood, the conditional structure, and the commands. You will learn how to approach complex sentences and you will be reading and writing at a relatively high complexity level.


Please note that, in order to register for this course, you should have scored at least 21 points on our Online Placement Test.

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Level 5 (Code OL-1204E)

2021-12-04 - 2022-02-19
Sat 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM CT

Level 5 (Code OL-1207C)

2021-12-07 - 2022-02-15
Tue 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM CT

Level 5 (Code OL-0111D)

2022-01-11 - 2022-03-15
Tue 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM CT

Level 5 (Code OL-0113F)

2022-01-13 - 2022-03-17
Thu 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM CT

Level 5 (Code OL-0127C)

2022-01-27 - 2022-03-31
Thu 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM CT

Level 5 (Code OL-0131E)

2022-01-31 - 2022-04-04
Mon 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM CT

Level 5 (Code OL-0201A)

2022-02-01 - 2022-04-05
Tue 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM CT

Level 5 (Code OL-0215E)

2022-02-15 - 2022-04-19
Tue 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM CT

Student Reviews

  Augusta Kennedy | Online | 10/29/2021
This course helped fill in the remaining grammar gaps after Levels1-4. As always, the progression was logical and manageable. I really appreciated the small class size and the opportunity to practice speaking Spanish. My instructor for level 5 Silvana was so patient and good at what she does. Level 5 was my favorite level so far!

  Dawn Darby | Online | 9/9/2021
Nick is a great teacher and excellent at explaining Spanish grammar . This was my second class with him. Would highly recommend taking his class!

  Mayssa Chatila | Online | 9/8/2021
I felt that the level 5 could have been divided into two sections. A lot of material is covered in this course.

  Kelly Clinton | Online | 8/27/2021
Great course and really helps to clarify some confusing topics in Spanish!

  Nicole Vlado | Online | 8/25/2021
Level 5 was a challenging but fun final grammar course -- I enjoyed learning the nuances of the subjunctive and conditional tenses. The integration of conversational language practice during class combined with the adapted reading assignments provided as part of the workbook really allowed me to continuously test my skills on and off the page. The on-line format made attendance really easy, and I truly enjoyed the small class size (and the familiar faces of my peers from prior classes).

  Joseph Rivera | Online | 8/16/2021
The course was great and helped me to make sense of some structures (particularly the subjunctive) that I've struggled with since high school (so for about 2 decades). I'm definitely not 100% fluent with the various skills that we learned, but I don't believe that's possible in such a relatively short time. However, I understand when and why others use these grammatical forms, and I am capable of using them myself. My ability to use them also improves weekly as I practice.

  Michelle Kehn | Online | 8/8/2021
This course was jam-packed! And did not leave a lot of space for review of the level 4, which was also jam-packed.

  Martha Anthony | Online | 7/26/2021
All the years I have studied Spanish Berges is by far the beat. The courses are taught in a practical way to make it stick. Logical and organized curriculum will take your Spanish to the next level.