Intermediate Conversation

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Intermediate Conversation is an immersion course for the intermediate student who is comfortable speaking solely in Spanish but doesn’t feel ready for Advanced Conversation yet.

You will read, write, listen and speak in Spanish for ten weeks as you slowly but surely improve your vocabulary and your confidence. You will also have to prepare and give two presentations (in Spanish, of course!).

Please note that, because we all learn at a different pace, 10 sessions at the Basic Conversation level may not be sufficient to reach an Intermediate Conversation level. Students should consider re-enrolling on the Basic Conversation level to further improve fluency and proficiency before considering a higher conversational level. If you need help deciding, please request an oral assessment with us (it’s free!) and we’ll give you our insight.

Please also note that our instructors tend not to review grammar rules in conversation classes, as the most important thing is to keep the conversation flowing! If you want to review specific grammar topics, it’s best to take one of our regular L1-5 classes and/or private lessons :)


Please note that, in order to register for this course, you should have scored at least 22 points on our Online Placement Test.

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Int. Conversation (Code OL-0223E)

2022-02-23 - 2022-04-27
Wed 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM CT

Int. Conversation (Code OL-0331D)

2022-03-31 - 2022-06-02
Thu 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM CT

Student Reviews

  Emily Ingraham | New York | 4/6/2019
Great conversation class

  Luke Malone | New York | 4/5/2019
It was a great opportunity to chat in a casual yet casual setting. I never felt embarrassed making my usual 5,000 mistakes and Nelson was the best.

  Jessica Yorke | New York | 2/18/2019
Was really great. Loved the casual environment and small class size.

  LD Gruver | New York | 1/28/2019
A fun way to practice Spanish & learn new vocabulary & useful expressions in context.

  Vanessa | New York | 10/25/2018
The course was small and Rolando (as well as the other teachers I did the make-up classes with) was very relaxed and clear. I had fun chatting and asking questions about the language that came to mind. That some homework is assigned is also good, though I am a lazy bugger and didn't do one assignment, I benefited from my fellow classmates brining in articles that interested them and the vocabulary that went along with it.

  Anonymous | New York | 8/31/2018
Some topics in the book were less interesting than others. The teacher sent videos to watch which was a great addition. More talking between the students would have been good.

  Anonymous | New York | 8/10/2018
This is the third course I take at Berges Institute and I've always had very positive experiences. The conversation classes always have a great atmosphere and Rolando is a great teacher! Highly recommend.

  Melanie | New York | 8/10/2018
Each student has a chance to speak about a news event or other theme several times during the class.