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Review the conjugations for both past tenses and get better at using them! In this single-day bootcamp, you’ll go over the conjugations in the pretérito perfecto and pretérito imperfecto tenses for regular verbs, super-important irregular verbs, and important-but-not-super-important irregular verbs, as you practice them through different exercises and activities.


14 points on Online Placement Test and/or Level 3.

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Student Reviews

  Bridgette | New York | 2/28/2020
A great review of when to use pretérito o imperfecto. Nelson was engaging and patient. I needed the conversation practice. I live these workshops because I don’t have a schedule where I can commit to a class right now.

  Mike Cestare | New York | 11/18/2019
Nicely paced workshop, mostly conversation practice.

  Anonymous | New York | 11/18/2019
I was excited for the workshop, but ultimately left disappointed. There were too many varying levels of students in the room, and the lower level students made it feel less like a bootcamp and more like a lesson. The instructor also seemed like he did not want to be there.

  David | New York | 11/1/2019
It was really good.