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Become comfortable using the five super important irregular verbs and all the basic regular verbs in the present and pretérito perfecto tenses for once and for all! In this single-day, ninety-minute workshop you’ll review the uses of the two tenses along with their typical time expressions, you’ll drill all the conjugations both orally and in writing, and you’ll practice through conversation in present and past tense using all your verbs properly.


8 points on Online Placement Test.

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Student Reviews

  Nancy Funkhouser | New York | 10/7/2019
Good quick review of present and past tenses.

  Mike Cestare | New York | 10/7/2019
Quick-paced, engaging and well-structured. Nicolás was thoughtful and patient as he guided us through basic verb conjugation rules and exercises.

  Anonymous | New York | 10/7/2019
It was super helpful and fun, and it was over before I knew it. I would definitely take another Bootcamp class focused on other tenses.

  David | New York | 10/7/2019
It was excellent. Maria is a fantastic teacher.

  john mcquade | New York | 8/29/2019
The workshop was very educational and was over before I knew it.

  Robert Iscaro | New York | 8/29/2019
Engaging and fast moving.