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Become comfortable using the five super important irregular verbs and all the basic regular verbs in the present and pretérito perfecto tenses for once and for all! In this single-day, ninety-minute workshop you’ll review the uses of the two tenses along with their typical time expressions, you’ll drill all the conjugations both orally and in writing, and you’ll practice through conversation in present and past tense using all your verbs properly.


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Student Reviews

  Karen Wark | Online | 5/25/2021
Outstanding course - great content and great instruction!

  Clara O'Brien | Online | 5/24/2021
Very helpful workshop. The live review of verb tenses during the workshop is valuable, but the instructor also gave us new and clever ways to practice verb tenses on our own, a practice that I can use forever.

  Maxine Phillips | New York | 3/2/2020
Comprehensive, covered a lot of ground in a short time but never seemed rushed.

  Beth | New York | 1/31/2020
This workshop was a good opportunity to review verb conjugation and also vocabulary.

  Kevin Kelly | New York | 10/16/2019
The boot camp was great. A wonderful review of the tenses

  Karen | New York | 10/9/2019
Great! Very helpful and engaging.

  Dianne | New York | 10/8/2019
This was a fast paced workshop- the time passed very quickly due to instructor and class interaction. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in reviewing present/past tense especially irregular verbs.

  Anonymous | New York | 10/7/2019
Very helpful overview and refresher course. Learned a few new things and practiced those I already knew.