Advanced Conversation

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Advanced Conversation is an immersion course for the advanced student who is confident in his/her Spanish grammar knowledge and aims to improve oral and aural skills in the language through reading, debating, creating, and analyzing.

The course features individual presentations, discussions, and metalinguistic conversations in a ten-week setting that will dramatically improve your speaking and comprehension abilities.

Please note that, because we all learn at a different pace, 10 sessions at the Intermediate Conversation level may not be sufficient to reach an Advanced Conversation level. Students should consider re-enrolling on the Intermediate Conversation level to further improve fluency and proficiency before considering a higher conversational level. If you need help deciding, please request an oral assessment with us (it’s free!) and we’ll give you our insight.

Please also note that our instructors tend not to review grammar rules in conversation classes, as the most important thing is to keep the conversation flowing! If you want to review specific grammar topics, it’s best to take one of our regular L1-5 classes and/or private lessons :)


Please note that, in order to register for this course, you should have scored at least 24 points on our Online Placement Test.

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Adv. Conversation (Code OL-1025C)

2021-10-25 - 2022-01-03
Mon 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM CT

Adv. Conversation (Code OL-1026E)

2021-10-26 - 2022-01-04
Tue 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM CT
Only 2 seats left!

Adv. Conversation (Code OL-1207F)

2021-12-07 - 2022-02-15
Tue 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM CT

Student Reviews

  Rebecca Carriero | Online | 11/8/2020
The instructor's knowledge of current events and culture was ride ranging, making for a stimulating conversation every weekend. The class size was small so the discussion time was evenly distributed. And the teacher did not overly correct, making it easy for the conversation to flow.

  Jon Howard | Online | 9/23/2020
It was great. I signed up again for the same class and teacher. So obviously I felt it was worth my time. He did a good job of making sure that everyone got to both speak and listen. He seems like a cool guy too.

  Anonymous | Online | 9/8/2020
It was great!

  Monica Tulchinsky | Online | 8/25/2020
Rolando was great and kept the conversation course interesting and fun! My Spanish improved a ton because he made sure we talked about a wide range of topics.

  Nickoleta | Online | 8/16/2020
This was my second time taking Advanced Conversation with Rolando, so at this point it has become part of my Saturday routine. The class was very small, possibly due to the pandemic and being online, or perhaps simply because there aren't as many students at this level. This means we all get ample opportunity to speak and listen, and I feel like we've gotten to know each other pretty well by now, because Rolando usually starts off by asking us all how our week was before delving into sharing about whatever we've read or watched this week. Rolando is the best kind of teacher--he makes everyone feel comfortable enough to engage with each other and have real, natural conversations rather than "teacher asks question, student responds, teacher asks another student a question, student responds, etc." Grammatical or vocabulary corrections are quick so as not to disrupt the flow of conversation, and since we're online, he'll often just make the quick correction and type it in the chat so we can follow up on our own. I think the other two students in this session were more advanced than I am, so I also learned a lot just from listening to them carefully. I'll be back for the next session!

  Anonymous | Online | 7/13/2020
I wasn't sure how I would like taking an online course, but Nicolas was great at making me feel at ease from Day 1. I enjoyed chatting with the other students in the class, and the sense of community we developed over video calls was astonishing.

  Tamara Kirson | Online | 7/8/2020
We were a group of all women, and Nicolas was wonderfully comfortable in leading discussions among us. His Spanish is beautiful, with clarity and expressiveness, so he is easy to comprehend. Beyond the topics of discussion, we often ventured into other areas of interest like movies, books, and music - in Spanish, of course! Advanced Conversation is a good platform for building confidence, proficiency and vocabulary. Nicolas makes it fun!

  Emily Johnson | Online | 6/18/2020
I really enjoyed the format of the conversation course. Reading about and discussing current events was a great way to learn new words and practice discussing opinions and hypothetical situations.