Advanced Conversation

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Adv. Conversation (Code OL-0622)

2021-06-22 - 2021-08-24
Tue 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM CT

Adv. Conversation (Code OL-0623A)

2021-06-23 - 2021-08-25
Wed 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM CT

Adv. Conversation (Code OL-0706A)

2021-07-06 - 2021-09-07
Tue 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM CT

Adv. Conversation (Code OL-0802E)

2021-08-02 - 2021-10-11
Mon 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM CT

Adv. Conversation (Code OL-0810E)

2021-08-10 - 2021-10-12
Tue 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM CT

Student Reviews

  Kristen Misak | Online | 5/5/2021
I have taken many classes with Berges over the years, but this was my first class with Rolando, and at this point I am convinced that all of the teachers at Berges are stellar. Rolando perfectly balanced the class to make sure that we were constantly learning new words and phrases and correcting our conjugations with good conversation flow and friendly atmosphere. I really enjoyed the class and look forward to more with Rolando!

  Jonathan | Online | 3/4/2021
It was great. I keep signing up and coming back. So that says everything, right?

  Tamara Kirson | Online | 3/3/2021
Victor is a gem, always responsive and helpful.

  Tamara Kirson | Online | 3/3/2021
Nicolas is quite a lot of fun, and we have had a terrific group of people. Because we're an advanced group, the discussion starts spontaneously and flows from there. It's especially wonderful when there is back-and-forth among the students. Whenever we ask a grammar question, Nico answers well. I also think that it would be good to include a grammar point in the conversation evenings based on what surfaces each time. Perhaps, Nico can check in with the next group to take "the pulse" about that idea.

  Tamara Kirson | Online | 3/3/2021
Nico's Spanish is beautiful, but of course - it's Colombian ; ) His explanations are clear, and he speaks at a relatively normal pace to build our oral comprehension. Nico is knowledgeable about many subjects and when he isn't, he shows intellectual curiosity, another plus in an educator!

  Tamara Kirson | Online | 12/9/2020
Nicolas facilitated a wonderful conversation group with three of us, who were all aligned in many views and interests. We talked and laughed and discussed new vocabulary and grammar, when we asked questions. It was an intimate highly conversant group, and Nicolas was joyful and interested in us. Five stars*****

  Rebecca Carriero | Online | 11/8/2020
The instructor's knowledge of current events and culture was ride ranging, making for a stimulating conversation every weekend. The class size was small so the discussion time was evenly distributed. And the teacher did not overly correct, making it easy for the conversation to flow.

  Jon Howard | Online | 9/23/2020
It was great. I signed up again for the same class and teacher. So obviously I felt it was worth my time. He did a good job of making sure that everyone got to both speak and listen. He seems like a cool guy too.