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Improve your pronunciation and writing skills by learning how syllables and accents work, what diphthongs, triphthongs and hiatus are, and how consonants and vowels behave when combined with each other in Spanish. In this workshop, you will practice syllable separation and phonetic and graphic accentuation through oral and written exercises. Upon completion, you’ll be able to understand the logic behind tildes when you read texts in Spanish, and you’ll become more comfortable pronouncing long and/or difficult words.


24 points on Online Placement Test and/or Level 5.

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Student Reviews

  Nickoleta Lytras | New York | 11/8/2019
The content was so helpful in learning to write properly in Spanish. Maria presented the rules for accentuation in a very clear way. She used great examples to illustrate her points in a memorable way.

  Sarah Farmer | New York | 11/8/2019
Extremely interesting and useful workshop. The combination of linguistic theory and group practice was guided by Maria in an approachable and fun manner. I came away with new skills that can be used in all aspects of my learning process.