Ratings for Vanessa Montilla

12 ratings
Vanessa Montilla, instructor at Berges Institute
  Caitlin | New York | 11/9/2016
Vanessa is a great instructor! She always makes sure that everyone understands the lessons. Highly recommend!

  Rostislav | New York | 7/4/2016
She is a very nice person and a good teacher. She always tried to make sure that her students understand a concept of material we worked on. She was patient and knowledgable.

  Anonymous | New York | 7/1/2016
Knowledge of the subject is impeccable. Interaction with students is good. She does move a little fast.

  Thomas Freeman | New York | 7/1/2016
Witty, brilliant -- and patient. Highly recommended.

  Jeanette Evans | New York | 6/30/2016
Above all else, Vanessa is engaging. Her style of teaching is relaxed and approachable, while she exudes confidence. Because of her, class has been a pleasure.

  Judy | New York | 3/16/2016
Vanessa Montilla is an excellent and engaging teacher. Besides learning elementary Spanish, she makes learning fun.

  Anonymous | New York | 3/14/2016
I enjoyed Vanessa's class very much. Not only is she a great teacher, but her quirky and energetic presence kept me entertained the whole time. As a native Spanish speaker who learned English as an adult, she seems to identify with many hurdles faced by those of us currently absorbing another language. Two thumbs up!

  Anonymous | New York | 3/10/2016
She was amazing! Funny, helpful, and educational. I never felt pressured and I felt very accomplished and encouraged as I got better!