Ratings for Silvana Ordonez

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Silvana Ordonez, instructor at Berges Institute
  Andrea Hunt | Online | 7/31/2021
I started Level 1 with Silvana, and I have been grateful to do so. Silvana's pace when presenting the material is patient, calculated, and encouraging. With every lesson, she generously shares about herself -taking the material from book to conversation- and shows her support and interest for her students to practice the same. I also appreciate that Silvana is open and knowledgeable on any question that comes her way - whether it be about the cultural specificity of a word, or its function in the rules of grammar. I am continuing lessons with her through Level 2 ~ gracias!

  Moira BIxby | Online | 10/21/2020
Silvana was patient, fun, encouraging, and always answered our questions. Plus, she went beyond to teach us a few colloquial phrases that complemented our lessons.

  Michael Wagner | Chicago | 2/14/2020
Silvana was very kind and enthusiastic. It was a pleasure having her lead our intermediate conversational class. She made sure to keep the conversation flowing and the room was always very relaxed and easy-going. She also provided a lot of relevant and interesting insights about Colombia. I would highly recommend her as an instructor. My Spanish definitely improved.

  Mona | Chicago | 12/28/2019
Silvana is a great teacher. She explains things well and highlights high yield concepts. She is supportive and kind and makes the class fun.

  Elisa Brewi | Chicago | 12/27/2019
Very patient, kind and very encouraging and knows her stuff. Highly recommend her.

  Kim Cook | Chicago | 12/12/2019
Very clear and helpful

  Anonymous | Chicago | 11/27/2019
Very friendly and helpful

  Peter McManus | Chicago | 11/21/2019
Excellent class. Silvana was great. Information was presented at a fast pace but there was plenty of time to slow down and she made certain that we grasped whatever we were learning. There was overlapping review of topics from week to week and I can't imagine a better structure or instructor. Very, very highly recommended....