Ratings for Rolando González

231 ratings
Rolando González, instructor at Berges Institute
  Kristen Misak | Online | 5/5/2021
Rolando created a really comfortable atmosphere for us to practice, even if it meant getting things wrong at first and needing correction. He is patient when you try to work things out in your head, and explains fully and clearly.

  Francie Marbury | Online | 4/14/2021
Rolando keeps our conversations lively and interesting by inviting everyone to comment and question. He also adds his own views. I'm amazed by his wide ranging knowledge of current events and culture. I find it very helpful when he puts new words in the chat. I've taken his class twice and just signed up for a third round.

  anonymous | Online | 4/14/2021
Rolando is one of my favorite Berges teachers. He's extremely knowledgeable about the language and also how to teach it. And he knows how to keep conversations moving, stopping to make corrections when it makes sense to do so, while never being heavy-handed. He brings a set of life experiences to the conversation course that makes me forget that language acquisition is difficult.

  Rosemary | Online | 4/8/2021
Very good. Gives useful sticky tips. Pleasant manner. Very knowledgeable

  Paul | Online | 4/8/2021
Excellent instructor. Nice person, fun class

  Gary Ostroff | Online | 4/8/2021
I thought he was very good at dealing with the various skill levels of all, while keeping the course activity focused on the appropriate level. His explanations were excellent, and he maintains a very nice tone in the class.

  Anne Brown | Online | 4/3/2021
Rolando is a very good instructor who intuitively understands what we need. He has a good sense of humor.

  Sean | Online | 4/1/2021
Rolando is funny, supportive and goes just fast enough but not too fast to make sure everyone understands the teaching points. I highly recommend Rolando to anyone looking to take Berges.