Ratings for Nick Garcia

23 ratings
Nick Garcia, instructor at Berges Institute
  Nicole Vlado | Online | 8/25/2021
I have taken four consecutive classes with Nick and have enjoyed his teaching style. As someone with a lot of "performance anxiety" around speaking Spanish aloud, Nick created a relaxed and inviting classroom environment on-line, where I felt as comfortable as I have before testing my skills. His teaching style is very clear and his engaging and fun attitude made each weekly session pass quickly. I highly recommend taking a class with Nick. You'll learn a lot and have fun along the way!

  joan feldbaum-vidra | Online | 7/27/2021
Nick is a fabulous and dedicated instructor.

  Marqueritha Clarke | Online | 7/7/2021
Nick is a very patient teacher. He provided a lot of correction but not until after you gave your answer. He explained meanings and usages very well. He speaks clearly, and listens really well.

  Sherri Robinson | Online | 5/29/2021
Nick is a wonderful instructor, very knowledgeable and easy going. His manner of teaching is effortless and very effective.His way of communicating builds the confidence of his students and encourages them in their efforts. Nick was always available for assistance if needed between classes. His presentation style is clear and easy to follow. His interaction with the students is personable and he engages with us and encourages us to interact with each other, which is super fun. I highly recommend Nick for anyone who wishes to lean Spanish. An excellent teacher.

  anonymous | Online | 4/22/2021
Keeps virutal setting engaging and a nice learning environment

  Gillian | Online | 4/6/2021
Nick reviewed each lesson clearly and offered helpful ways of looking at the information. He was very patient and kind.

  Elizabeth Barlow | Online | 2/14/2021
Nick is an excellent and empathetic teacher

  Emily C | Online | 1/26/2021
Nick was so helpful and patient! He always made sure we understood everything and went above and beyond to provide context to different topics