Ratings for Nelson Navarrete

190 ratings
Nelson Navarrete, instructor at Berges Institute
  Maxine Phillps | Online | 5/18/2021
Nelson is a dynamic discussion leader and injects humor when appropriate to keep us in a good mood. It isn't easy to teach on Zoom, but he connects with everyone, remembers information from week to week, and keeps us all engaged.

  Lisa Drapkin | Online | 5/12/2021
Nelson is a very helpful and fun teacher who guides students along and makes everyone feel at ease.

  Christopher Mullen | Online | 5/12/2021
Nelson is patient and engaging, and he is a fantastic teacher! What great class!

  Ryan Jaipersaud | Online | 5/4/2021
Great guy. He knows the information very well. And has examples on hand to explain grammar rules.

  Samantha Muzzulin | Online | 3/25/2021
Nelson was fun, engaging, and thorough. He personalized the class to each of the students and created a comfortable learning environment.

  Maxine Phillips | Online | 3/3/2021
Nelson always keeps the conversation going and makes sure that everyone participates but that nobody feels uncomfortable.

  Estela | Online | 2/27/2021
Nelson was a wonderful instructor. He was clear, patient, communicative and as creative as he could be under the circumstances. I recommend consulting him on his methods.

  Dennis Sasikumar | Online | 2/27/2021
I love Nelson’s classes. He explains concepts really clearly and then drills them into his students with examples and practice exercises. Most of all, I loved how he started every class by encouraging students to converse with each other in Spanish. It was often difficult but forced me to think on my feet in the new language, and probably helped me the most.