Ratings for Julia Negrete

63 ratings
Julia Negrete, instructor at Berges Institute
  Daniel Weber | Online | 8/26/2021
Julia is a good teacher. She's patient and organized. Considering the difficulty of learning a new language, I place all my frustration on myself. Learning a new language is about putting the time in to grasp it. So if I'm unable to follow a conversation sometimes then it's on me. Julia does a good job of navigating us considering the different abilities of all her students

  Merily McLaughlin | Online | 8/26/2021
Julia is very knowledgable, has a great accent, and wants to help students learn to speak the language! She is great!!

  Briana Parker | Online | 8/9/2021
Julia is a wonderful teacher who explains things simply and clearly, provides helpful supplementary material and exercises, and holds her students to a high standard while remaining very encouraging. I can't believe after three levels of Spanish over less than a year that I can speak, write, and listen as well as I do, and it's all thanks to Julia!

  Nahid Husain-Habib | Online | 7/28/2021
As usual, Julia was awesome - she brought in extra practices and pushed us to speak in Spanish so we could practice and keep reinforcing our skills.

  Alice Greene | Online | 7/5/2021
Julia was great. Understated but effective.

  Tiffany Edwards | Online | 5/13/2021
Julia is patient, detail-oriented at the appropriate times, keeps the class focused on the work. She takes amazing notes and builds on what you've learned to build up your base knowledge.

  Nahid Husain-Habib | Online | 5/12/2021
Julia was friendly, encouraging and supportive throughout the entire course. She went above and beyond to ensure we got extra practice on our skills and were able to correct ourselves and others through speaking and translation exercises. I appreciated being able to have more conversations in Spanish (as best as I could) with other students and feeling like I was in a safe space to make mistakes and learn. Thank you Julia and Berges! Looking forward to the next class!

  William Wong | Online | 5/7/2021
Julia is a wonderful teacher and very empathic. She makes learning fun and interesting. She is very kind in pointing out errors. The pace of the course is strenuous but she makes it possible for us to practice and learn. She is always encouraging and knowledgeable about the nuances of the Spanish language.I am impressed with her education and background.