Ratings for Juan Carlos Alvarez

65 ratings
Juan Carlos Alvarez, instructor at Berges Institute
  Kelly Clinton | Online | 8/27/2021
Juan Carlos is a great teacher! He definitely cares about his students and facilitating great conversations even in a grammar course. He has very organized notes that break down some of the most confusing topics in Spanish. Definitely take this class with him if you are considering it!

  Kristin Brause | Online | 6/14/2021
Juan Carlos was great. He ensured everyone understood the concepts and helped us each practice it. On harder concepts he made sure to spend additional time on it and came up with more examples. He was easy to learn from.

  Heidi Engel | Online | 5/12/2021
Good teacher. Very friendly and thorough.

  Lynne Sullivan | Online | 4/14/2021
The pace of the class was great. Juan Carlos is an excellent instructor. He creates a welcoming environment in which adults can feel free to make mistakes without fear of embarrassment. Additionally, he ensures that students understand language concepts and constructs. I learned a lot in the class and look forward to the next session.

  Jane Ranshaw | Online | 4/14/2021
Excellent! Juan Carlos built the class into a tight group. Patient and humorous

  Brandy santos | Online | 2/4/2021
Juan carlos is awesome he is very patient and listens he never leaves the class without u understanding what we were learning what a great teacher

  Elle | Online | 2/3/2021
Very helpful and engaging, did not waste time with the concepts and encouraged a lot of Spanish speaking

  Perry | Online | 1/26/2021
Juan Carlos has been a great teacher. He is very engaging and encourages questions throughout class. I also feel that he really wants the students to be successful.