Ratings for Ian Perez

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Ian Perez, instructor at Berges Institute
  Jasmine Braithwaite | Online | 7/26/2021
I had the pleasure of taking both level 1 and level 2 with instructor Ian Perez. Ian is very knowledgeable and always explained the material is an easy to understand manner. He created a nice balance of presenting course material and giving students an opportunity to practice/demonstrate what was learned. Ian was consistently pleasant and had a nice sense of humor which made the class all the more enjoyable.

  Kim Herrera | Online | 5/4/2021
Ian is a wonderful teacher. He is able to clearly explain why we use a specific tense. Plus the notes he gives are a huge help to studying.

  Emily Bourne | Online | 5/4/2021
Ian is a great instructor. He is extremely knowledgeable of both Spanish and English and how each is similar and is different from the other. When he explained concepts he drew on this knowledge to break apart difficult concepts into understandable pieces and explain the different uses of words/tenses especially when they differ from the standard rules. It was very helpful for me. He is also always willing to stop to answer questions and clarify points as needed. I can't recommend him enough.

  Kimberly NELSON-BROWNLEE | Online | 4/15/2021
Patient. Explained the content well. Sometimes spoke too softly when calling on specific students so we usually had to ask who Ian wanted to translate or transcribe. Really liked that he would use MS Word instead of the chat feature and sent the notes after class. All the instructors should do it.

  Anonymous | Online | 2/18/2021
Very organized. Patiently explains and listens.

  Sally He | Online | 2/18/2021
Ian is a good instructor. He covers everything on the book, explains our questions and reviews our homework.

  Anonymous | Online | 2/16/2021
Ian made a very inclusive environment. We got to know each other well and had great conversations. Ian used the chat to help correct our mistakes and teach us new vocabulary, which was really helpful so we could learn without disrupting the flow of conversation.

  Elaine Cheong | Online | 2/3/2021
Ian listens well and is able to explain well too. He is very patient. Certainly learnt a lot from him.