Ratings for Eva Munankarmi

29 ratings
Eva Munankarmi, instructor at Berges Institute
  Jose Castillo | Online | 8/7/2021
Eva is very helpfull

  Dana Shaw | Online | 9/6/2020
I want to stick with Eva throughout the levels of Spanish. She knows the material very well, is clear, and helpful. She jumps in with additional information as needed and her style is kind, and gentle, but thorough.

  Dana shaw | Online | 6/15/2020
Eva is so friendly and warm and encouraging while making sure that we learn the material

  Brynn | Online | 6/15/2020
Eva is very friendly and helpful. She encourages students and pushes us to talk even if we make mistakes.

  Marlin Duro | Online | 6/15/2020
Great instructor. Eva was very helpful and her presentation and style are very clear. She has great knowledge of the subject matter and is great at interacting with students. I am already signed up to take the next level course with her.

  Anonymous | Online | 5/17/2020
Eva is friendly and patient. Tried to explain the subject and answer questions to the best of her ability

  Elizabeth Tharakan | New York | 2/24/2020
She was clear and not too demanding.

  Joanne Haas | New York | 12/9/2019
Eva is a kind and encouraging. She really cares about each student’s progression. She is very fair and allows enough time in class to practice what we are learning.