Ratings for Edgardo Salgado

89 ratings
Edgardo Salgado, instructor at Berges Institute
  Anna Calinawan | New York | 1/2/2019
Edgardo is so great, I signed up to take Level 2 with him. He explained things clearly, took his time, and gave helpful examples.

  Bill Hawkins | New York | 1/2/2019
Super friendly, relaxed and clearly has a passion for teaching the language. Edgardo's fascination with linguistics is infectious--he will give an in-depth explanation of a small element of the grammar, in a way the really enhances the learning experience beyond rote drills and repetition. Really great instructor.

  Anonymous | New York | 9/2/2018
Edgardo was great as usual. He's really patient and is good at finding different ways to explain concepts so everyone gets it. He gives a lot of good examples and explanations about practical use of the language and always seems super passionate about the language.

  Kathleen keegan | New York | 9/2/2018
Edgardo provided clear explanations to all questions and was very helpful when I or others were confused about sections in the book. He had tremendous patience.

  Kristin Russo | New York | 8/26/2018
Very receptive to questions and thoughtful response especially when discussing context

  Zelmira Beckova-Kucharovic | New York | 7/26/2018
An excellent, well qualified instructor with easy style of teaching. Classes were not stressful. Information presented in class was practical and useful. Definitely would take another class with this instructor.

  Anonymous | New York | 7/24/2018
Edgardo was kind, patient and had good sense of humor. Explained way things were said in spain and various spanish speaking countries

  Sarah A | New York | 6/24/2018
Edgardo is great! He’s very knowledgeable, explains concepts clearly, and is patient and encouraging. I highly recommend his classes. I especially recommend him if you’re at all nervous about the process of learning a language, as he does a great job of making everyone feel comfortable.