Ratings for Edgardo Salgado

89 ratings
Edgardo Salgado, instructor at Berges Institute
  Grace Tracy | New York | 4/30/2019
I enjoyed the lessons provided by Edgar - he was engaging and helpful and made the class interesting. I never felt lost as I have in some other language classes and felt I made progress that has encouraged me to continue on this adventure.

  Marie | New York | 4/3/2019
Our teacher Ed Salgado was very patient in letting us understand the subject matter. He was very approachable and willing to help clarify things we weren’t sure of.

  Allison May | New York | 4/1/2019
Edgardo Salgado is a linguistic genius. He explained the grammar behind some of the words we were learning, which made it much easier to understand. And I loved that he told us funny antidotes about learning Spanish as a child.

  Erman Karasu | New York | 3/26/2019
Ed was good at delivering the class, going over the subjects. He had a good interaction with the students.

  Tah von Allmen | New York | 3/26/2019
patient, always checking in with us about any questions we might have, fun!! and encouaging

  Heba Gowayed | New York | 3/25/2019
Excellent, clear instruction. I am not surprised to learn from the description that he's a linguist, given his ability to clearly explain complex grammar rules. I was introduced to his class through a makeup course, and just signed up with him again for level 2.

  Natalie | New York | 3/25/2019
Edgardo was great. I felt like the speed of the class was perfect for beginners and he gave good insights on culture and how to use words contextually.

  Madelaine | New York | 3/19/2019
Edgardo is a lovely person and a great teacher. He is patient, kind, helpful, and makes the students feel very comfortable. He's a very supportive and engaging teacher. He's always clear in his presentations.