Ratings for Edgardo Salgado

89 ratings
Edgardo Salgado, instructor at Berges Institute
  Peter Heilbroner | New York | 6/24/2019
Relaxed, well grounded in language teaching principles, fluent in Spanish and English.

  Bill Hawkins | New York | 6/18/2019
Edgardo really keeps things interesting, and has kind of a quirky way of explaining things that I find really engaging. He could do a better job reining in certain tangents, or people who want Spanish grammar to be something other than what it is (I.e., People who want to argue that the “personal a” doesn’t make sense.)

  Madelaine Santner | New York | 6/13/2019
Edgardo is very clear and helpful. His interactions with students are always warm and friendly and he is welcoming of questions. He explains things well and gets all students to participate.

  Catherine Raubiet | New York | 6/10/2019
Great teacher

  Chris Matheson | New York | 5/28/2019
Edgardo was very clear and very patient.

  Harrell Perkins | New York | 5/8/2019
Native born Spanish speakers have the innate sense of knowing if it sounds right or not , which is something that cannot be conveyed clearly in a text book. Having a lifetime time of experience speaking Spanish and a strong comprehension of English, Edgardo is able to easily communicate between the two with a lucid explanation of the nuances of a particular word of subject.

  Aakash | New York | 4/30/2019
Profesor Edgardo was very detailed in teaching the basics and thorough with the homework lessons, I am thankful for him. I would enjoy a little more conversations in class to make a be more comfortable in speaking and listening to Spanish.

  Lina Zhang | New York | 4/30/2019
Edgardo is a great teacher in the sense that he is knowledgeable of the language and does a great job explain how and why things work the way they do. He is also very kind and patient. I would definitely try to take the next level with him again.