Ratings for Edgardo Salgado

89 ratings
Edgardo Salgado, instructor at Berges Institute
  Penelope | New York | 11/13/2019
Edgardo is a great teacher very smart and thorough.

  Moe Tika | New York | 11/12/2019
I just finished level 4 with Ed Salgado and I am feeling very satisfied with the experience and the learning I received. I think I learned more than expected. Ed explains everything at a very basic level so that everyone is able to grasp the concepts covered in class. Everyone in class feels free to speak and give their opinions. I look forward to taking next level with same teacher. Gracias

  Jeanette Evans | New York | 9/20/2019
Awesome, a treasure in the classroom. A disciplined linguistic, Edgardo is extremely knowledgeable yet not in the least elitist. His vibe is respectful and trustworthy, his personality gentle; a bit of a goof. If you pick Edgardo as your primary instructor, you would do well to play the lottery.

  Peter Heilbroner | New York | 9/3/2019
Sr. Salgado is an excellent teacher, great sense of maintaining rhythm in class, very good with structural and grammatical concepts. Also has a nice light style.

  Bill Hawkins | New York | 9/3/2019
Really love how Edgardo is clearly SUCH a linguistics nut (I am too) and loves to give you the background on certain rules/structures/constructions. It makes the course more intellectually interesting and enriches the basic instruction in grammar and vocabulary.

  Anonymous | New York | 9/3/2019
Edgardo is an amazing teacher. He takes time to understand the questions and give thorough, insightful answers. Adds interesting anecdotes and examples to enhance our learning beyond the book.

  Cindy | New York | 9/3/2019
Edgardo was very clear and very patient as a teacher. He communicate everything very clearly and was very engaged with the students. He was also very detailed with his explanations. He taught us stuff that are not in the book - and are helpful! He does a great job!

  Jason | New York | 8/27/2019
Edgardo is very warm, insightful and inviting. And I thought that the class was well paced for the level of instruction.