Ratings for Edgardo Salgado

89 ratings
Edgardo Salgado, instructor at Berges Institute
  Anonymous | New York | 3/27/2020
Edgardo is kind and very thorough and good at explaining things. I learned a lot over the course of the class.

  Gilbert Haddad | New York | 3/27/2020
Great instructor, clear and helpful. Definitely helps everyone expand their level of knowledge in the language

  MiMi | New York | 3/9/2020
Edgardo is a kind and thoughtful professor, who is generous and helpful with his critiques of your writing and takes there time to answer the many questions like "why" is it done this way.

  Maxine Phillips | New York | 3/2/2020
Engaging, very knowledgeable.

  Nickoleta Lytras | New York | 2/10/2020
Ed clearly knows his content well, including more advanced grammatical structures. He did a great job explaining in what contexts we should use indicative vs subjective or passive voice vs se impersonal, for example. He made sure that everyone had ample time to speak and practice and gave each of us individual attention based on what we needed. My only suggestion is that I would have loved a bit more student-student interaction, especially in the later sessions. Hopefully that's what the conversation classes will be like? Anyway, I would happily take another class with Ed.

  Peter Heilbroner | New York | 2/10/2020
Easy going, smart, conscientious and worldly

  Moe Tika | New York | 11/18/2019
Ed is a good teacher. He answers all questions. I learned so much in this class and can’t to go back for level 5 in January.

  Chris | New York | 11/13/2019
Edgardo was very helpful and made sure to spend as much time as was necessary to make sure students' questions were answered. His explanations of concepts occasionally felt lacking. He was not terribly charismatic with his approach to the material, which I believe hurt engagement and understanding. He did a very good job of making sure each student got ample speaking time.