Ratings for Edgardo Salgado

89 ratings
Edgardo Salgado, instructor at Berges Institute
  Stefanie Morse | New York | 4/25/2020
Edgardo was super clear, helpful, knowledgeable. His presentation style was helpful because it had a focus, but he also would work in little lessons based on what topics came up through questions.

  Nina | New York | 4/24/2020
Edgardo is great, giving a lot of examples and making the class a fun time too

  Anonymous | New York | 4/24/2020
Although Edgardo adequately presented the material, I suspect that there is a method that all teachers follow which meant that the lessons were devoid of creativity. Also, even though this was a beginners class there are ways of teaching the lesson in Spanish and using English a little as possible.

  Mike H | New York | 4/22/2020
Edgardo is a fantastic teacher for Basic Conversation. He is patient and welcoming. He creates an environment where you don't feel uncomfortable making mistakes. He also waits until you are done speaking to provide feedback versus interrupting - I found this to be particularly helpful. After completing the class, my confidence for speaking Spanish has improved significantly. Thank you Edgardo!!

  Barbara Halper | New York | 4/22/2020
Edgardo was very helpful and knowledgeable and he encouraged the students to communicate in Spanish.

  Giovanni | New York | 4/21/2020
Highly prepared and very nice teacher.

  stacey casas | New York | 4/21/2020
Edgardo was very patient and knowledgeable

  Leon | New York | 4/16/2020
Edgardo was really engaged and had in interest in my learning outcomes. I especially appreciated his ability to go beyond the vocabulary and grammar and explain the underlying principles of Spanish.