Ratings for Edgardo Salgado

89 ratings
Edgardo Salgado, instructor at Berges Institute
  Hillary Merman | New York | 2/20/2018
Thoughtful responses to questions, respectful, gentle style. Knowledgeable.

  Arven Saunders | New York | 1/22/2018
Edgardo is wonderful, and I really enjoy his teaching style. He is great at explaining everything in the book as well as things that come up that are not covered in the book. He engages in conversations with us and is very patient and helpful.

  Bridgette | New York | 1/20/2018
Edgardo does a good job of making everyone comfortable. He also speaks clearly and at the right pace for a beginner. Does a good job of explaining the material and answering questions. I learned a lot and will be back for level 3!

  Nikki | New York | 1/18/2018
Edgardo is a great and patient teacher. Loved taking both the level 3 and 4 class with him.

  Anonymous | New York | 1/16/2018
Edgardo was very knowledgeable, committed, and helpful.

  Katarina Filipovic | New York | 12/17/2017
Edgardo is a great instructor as he explains concepts really well and provides helpful tips to learn Spanish quicker. You can tell that he wants students to do well.

  Kingsley | New York | 12/17/2017
Words are not enough to explain my instructor's performance lets just say he is the best of the best!!! He is sooooo through!!! And he gets his point across so eloquently in both English and Spanish

  Alexis Kaloyanides | New York | 11/24/2017
Edgardo was great at explaining things and contextual conversation.