Ratings for Edgardo Salgado

89 ratings
Edgardo Salgado, instructor at Berges Institute
  James Derham | New York | 6/20/2018
Edgardo is friendly and knowledgeable and obviously really passionate about language. He teaches clearly and has a relaxed demeanor, which I like. He is also happy to provide additional information based on questions from the group.

  Scott | New York | 6/16/2018
Edgardo speaks in clear Spanish and with good explanations. He is good at conversation practice and bringing in extra material to supplement the book.

  Anonymous | New York | 6/2/2018
Edgardo is a very good teacher who offers lots of information (sometimes too much information like when I really need to concentrate on two alternatives instead of ten!). He is friendly and knowledgable and very dedicated to teaching and helping the students.

  Anonymous | New York | 5/31/2018
Easy going, happy to explain, always answers questions thoroughly.

  christina | New York | 5/31/2018
really knowledgeable and answers "off topic" questions

  James Derham | New York | 4/3/2018
Edgardo is a great teacher! I loved his style of teaching, and have already registered for the next level, again with Edgardo. He explains things very logically, and makes sure people understand before he moves forward in each lesson. I think he has a lovely energy - very patient, and clearly loves studying language! He also ensures to cover all the topics in the book, whilst adding extra, relevant, information where appropriate.

  sandy Marks | New York | 3/2/2018
Edgardo was the best one I have had. Him and Nelson are the two best I have had.

  christina | New York | 3/1/2018
Edgardo was very knowledgeable and engaging