Ratings for Edgardo Salgado

89 ratings
Edgardo Salgado, instructor at Berges Institute
  Ed Romanoff | Online | 11/22/2021
I had a great experience and really liked Edgardo as a teacher. Very laidback and helpful at the same time.

  Jose Bernal-Lopez | Online | 6/9/2021
Great experience. Ed is a wonderful teacher. Was able to understand important nuances that I didn't know before. He gave all of us the opportunity to present our work and we learned from each other's mistakes. Not a fan of online courses, but working with him was the best online experience I've had. Also enjoyed the other members of the class. Will take him again for level 4. Muchisimas gracias, Edgardo!

  Raynier Matias | Online | 5/13/2021
Edgardo is very knowledgeable in the history of the language often share a bit of context on a word which I enjoyed. He also did a good job at explaining concepts.

  Rachel Heinold | Online | 5/13/2021
I’ve taken levels 1-3 with Edgardo who is a great teacher, very clear, makes the content accessible and takes time to listen to student questions and explain thoroughly. His commitment to helping students learn is evident in his approach and the extensive resources he shares with students. Class is really enjoyable.

  Jose Bernal-Lopez | Online | 3/25/2021
I'm not crazy about online courses, but Edgardo's presentation of the material made me forget that I was working online. He referenced English grammar, but only in service of explaining how things work differently in Spanish which was very helpful. He was patient and knowledgeable. I will be taking him again in level 3. Thanks Edgardo!

  Justin Shilad | Online | 3/25/2021
I thought Ed was really good and helpful at explaining and expanding upon a lot of what was in the book.

  Gabe Flowerman | Online | 3/22/2021
Edgardo has an outstanding level of knowledge of linguistics and bilingualism. He is able to break down complex topics so that they are easier to comprehend. Edgardo sincerely wants his students to succeed. He answers questions patiently and is attentive to everyone. His kindness and sensitivity to students makes classes enjoyable as well as beneficial.

  Hilary | Online | 2/25/2021
Edgardo does a great job explaining the subtle differences between the languages and giving us new ways to to think about the rules that are harder to recall.