Ratings for Dennis Uribe

17 ratings
Dennis Uribe, instructor at Berges Institute
 | Online | 4/15/2021
Dennis was always very clear and helpful and explained things very well.

  Sydney Price | Online | 4/1/2021
Dennis is an engaging teacher, she has a style that’s both fun and methodical.

  Moe | Online | 2/14/2021
I think Dennis is a great teacher. She is very patient and allowed everyone time to ask questions. She encouraged us to speak as much as possible. I felt at ease speaking and carrying the conversation. Thanks Dennis

  Nancy Chung | Online | 2/14/2021
Dennis is very personable and has a friendly, caring personality. She was very patient in answering students’ questions. She gave plenty of examples so that we could grasp all the essential points. She knows the subject well and is humorous. The class time always passes quickly as she knows how to engage and motivate the students!

  Nhi (Nancy) Chung | Online | 11/8/2020
Dennis Uribe brought a lot of energy to her well organized classes. She responded helpfully to students’ questions and had a warm and friendly personality. She used many examples to clarify the topic.

  Amit Gupta | Online | 10/18/2020
Dennis is a great instructor and very friendly. She takes time to explain concepts and always uses practical examples. She made learning very easy and fun.

  Nicholas Topolinski | Online | 10/6/2020
Very helpful and freindly

  Ben | Online | 9/3/2020
Dennis was great, she didn't limit conversation topics to the homework and oftentimes we were talking about current events that happened that day. I definitely strengthened my spanish vocab during this course with words I will actually use.