Ratings for Alexandra Valencia

80 ratings
Alexandra Valencia, instructor at Berges Institute
  Fatih | New York | 4/27/2020
Alexandra really cares for her students and replies every question with patience. She also makes a short review of previous class every time.

  Golrokh | New York | 3/26/2020
She is a really good professor

  Anonymous | New York | 3/24/2020
Alexandra is a great teacher, she interacts with the students so well, considering we are all different ages, she keeps the class going from start to finish!

  Michael Marconi | New York | 2/24/2020
Alexandra makes each lesson engaging, and she takes time to ensure that I understand what I am learning. She provides a good mix of discussion, teaching specific topics, and reading/pronunciation into each lesson.

  Beth | New York | 1/31/2020
Alexandra was energetic, thorough, and personable.

  Golrokh | New York | 12/25/2019
Alexandra is really good and I am trying to go to her class for next level too.

  Nancy Funkhouser | New York | 12/25/2019
Alexandra was delightful. She seems to have so much fun teaching that it made it enjoyable for everyone. She was very patient in answering questions. I have already signed up for another class with her.

  Sundar Rajan | New York | 12/19/2019
Alex is very good instructor and made the class enjoyable