Ratings for Alexandra Valencia

80 ratings
Alexandra Valencia, instructor at Berges Institute
  Anonymous | Online | 7/8/2020
Ms. Alexandra has a pleasant disposition, she is very patient, teaches well, has a sense of humor. I enjoyed this class with her, I have taken Level 1 and Level 2 with Ms. Alexandra.

  Ebony | Online | 7/8/2020
Alexandra was patient and put forth a great deal of effort to ensure we were all comfortable in speaking Spanish. She also made sure that we all were able to participate. This can be challenging considering the course was online. Overall it was a great experience.

  Susan | Online | 6/26/2020
Very patient and always made the lesson positive with a warm atmosphere during the course

  Clara O'Brian | Online | 6/22/2020
This was my second class with Alexandra Valencia and I am looking forward to the third beginning today. She covers the material thoroughly and still manages to build in plenty of time for her students to practice speaking and writing Spanish to cement the current and past lessons.

  Shelby Norris | Online | 6/2/2020
Alexandra was very helpful and kind. Made the material easy to understand with her slideshows and vast knowledge. Allowed us all to participate and gave lots of additional information. She was very clear and thorough.

  D'anna | Online | 5/26/2020
She was super helpful and clear about everything in class. As someone who can be on the quiet side she made it really comfortable to participate and really reap the rewards of learning Spanish in a class.

  Hilary Hudgins | Online | 5/20/2020
Ale is such a lovely teacher, keeping things focused and positive —even through the craziness of la cuarantena!

  Chris Fekete | New York | 5/1/2020
Alexandra was well prepared and made sure everyone participated. She always was excellent reinforcing the concepts each week.