Ratings for Alexandra Valencia

80 ratings
Alexandra Valencia, instructor at Berges Institute
  Mackenzie Clapperton | Online | 9/24/2020
I've had Alexandra Valencia for levels 1-3 and she is an incredible instructor. I credit her for my success throughout this journey and am looking forward to future courses.

  Erik Mears | Online | 9/24/2020
Alexandra is an amazing teacher! She is extremely effective, knowledgeable, and kind. I thoroughly enjoyed her class, and learned a great deal from her.

  Randy Tigue | Online | 9/18/2020
Alexandra was patient, thorough, and always willing to answer questions.

  Susan | Online | 9/11/2020
Alexandra directs the class very sufficiently. She conducts the class in a warm, fun, welcoming atmosphere. Very easy to blend in. Always open for our question and she will explain until we understand.

  Anonymous | Online | 9/11/2020
I really appreciated Alexandra's style. She was really positive and encouraging. She was able to give helpful corrections and could tell which concepts we needed more practice on and would focus her lessons there. I also appreciated that she had the knowledge of vocab for a variety of Spanish speaking countries as it added an element of fun to learn what specific word might be used in Colombia vs. Mexico vs. Spain.

  Ludmila Moraru | Online | 9/9/2020
Alexandra was extraordinarily prepared and competent.

  Izabella | Online | 9/9/2020
Alexandra was a very good instructor. I wish she corrected people a little more, or was more clear when/how/why something was wrong. Also, not her fault but it gets a little tedious on zoom when there are 12-ish students and it takes a while to go around the room.

  Erik Mears | Online | 9/9/2020
Extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly!