Ratings for Alexandra Valencia

80 ratings
Alexandra Valencia, instructor at Berges Institute
  Caroline Stahlberg | Online | 11/1/2020
Alexandra Valencia is a very skilled teacher; great structure, patient, explained things really well, gave all students equal time and attention. Overall very impressed!

  Alice | Online | 10/28/2020
Alexandra is kind and friendly. She explains things clearly and always answers our questions. She goes the extra mile to provide supports and scaffolds during the lesson that make us feel comfortable speaking in Spanish.

  Jonathan | Online | 10/22/2020
Alexandra is a fantastic teacher! She engages with the class frequently and her energy motivates participation. She is also very patient, and always welcomes questions and comments. Taking classes online instead of in person can be tough, but Alexandra makes us all feel connected.

  Matthew Liam O’Toole | Online | 10/21/2020
Alexandra is a amazing teacher, always 100% positive and welcoming, and communicates the material in a learnable, fun way, Fantastic!!

  Jennifer | Online | 10/21/2020
Very helpful and patient.

  Anonymous | Online | 10/20/2020
Very clear, helpful presentation style. Made every class fun and low-pressure. We all improved over the course of the 10 weeks thanks to her!

  Chris Fekete | Online | 10/1/2020
I took class 2 and class 3 with Profesor Alexandra. I feel I have learned and progressed a lot with her.

  Fatih | Online | 9/26/2020
Alexandra knows the book and the subjects very well and is teaching effectively.