Ratings for Alexandra Valencia

80 ratings
Alexandra Valencia, instructor at Berges Institute
  Jane Cope | Online | 12/17/2020
Alexandra is clear and precise. She's able to break down tricky concepts easily and concisely. She's also very welcoming and creates a great learning environment

  Kala Gabler | Online | 12/15/2020
Alexandra is amazing. She's super nice, funny, helpful and is super clear. She always answers our questions, makes us feel comfortable and encourages us to be successful and brave and courageous to talk and be open.

  Marissa | Online | 12/10/2020
Profesora Alexandra was incredibly clear. She always broke everything down, making sure we understood the rules, practiced, and constantly asked us if we had questions. Practicing speaking another language can be intimidating but she kept the class light and fun.

  Maureen O'Connor aka MiMi | Online | 12/9/2020
Alexandra is a very talented teacher. I enjoyed her enthusiasm and expertise. No matter what I asked, she not only knew the answer but also knew what page in the book it was addressed. Very impressive!

  Susan | Online | 11/27/2020
Her class is always friendly with a good vibe. Also, she makes the learning subject clear and makes it easy to follow.

  Kurtis | Online | 11/27/2020
Alexandra is a great teacher. She is well prepared and goes above and beyond. She makes class fun and stress free.

  Jenna Smith | Online | 11/4/2020
Alex was incredibly kind and very approachable. I was worried about joining an online class at this level for the first time, and I was immediately comfortable!

  Barbara | Online | 11/1/2020
Alexandra was very professional and her instruction was excellent. She provided Powerpoint demonstrations which helped me.