Ratings for Alexandra Valencia

80 ratings
Alexandra Valencia, instructor at Berges Institute
  Fallon | Online | 5/3/2021
I learned a lot in her class and I enjoy how she engages the class in participation.

  LouAnn Bell | Online | 5/2/2021
Alexandra is very upbeat and friendly. She explains the material clearly. She is expert in balancing the various ability levels within the class.

  Ryan | Online | 5/1/2021
Wonderful. Loving, caring and she possesses a deep fondness and care for her craft. I would definitely recommend her.

  Ian Turnwald | Online | 4/22/2021
Alexandra was just incredible! So excited to take her class again.

  Susan | Online | 2/26/2021
I have been learning from Alexandra since level 1 and I will not change that as long as she is teaching. She is that good!!!!

  Kala Gabler | Online | 2/26/2021
Alexandra is really amazing as a professor. She is very patient, kind, fun and friendly. She doesn't go too fast and she incorporates A LOT of practice speaking into the sessions which helps me a lot since I tend to zone out if someone else is speaking for a long time without giving anyone a chance to respond or participate. That's definitely my favorite thing about her, because without the practice of speaking and conversing, you'll never be able to hold conversations, you'll know the rules and the words but it won't flow from your brain in a conversation. She also asks about current events and fun topics which is very enjoyable.

  Ying | Online | 1/12/2021
Very kind, makes the learning environment safe.

  Matthew Liam O’Toole | Online | 1/12/2021
Alexandra Valencia is Amazing, a wonderful teacher!!