Ratings for Alexandra Valencia

77 ratings
Alexandra Valencia, instructor at Berges Institute
  Eric Elowitz | Online | 8/4/2021
Alexandra was great. Very supportive and encouraging.

  Yasu Watanabe | Online | 7/20/2021
Alexandra is dedicated, friendly and patient. I am happy to take her class and so studying and speaking other language does not feel burden for me with her class. Excellent teacher

  Andrew Parece | Online | 5/26/2021
Alexandra is super nice, patient, and well-versed at working with students to learn Spanish. Nice to hear her bring in different cultural aspects (like what they say/eat/do etc. in varying Spanish-speaking countries).

  Kala Sharae Gabler | Online | 5/14/2021
Alexandra is always so nice, warm, fun and helpful. She never makes you feel dumb for not knowing something and is super clear when she clarifies your questions. She doesn't rush and makes sure to check if we're getting things or not. She also has a good grasp on what is easier/common knowledge and we don't need a lot of time on, and what is tougher and we need more time on.

  Alexis Gordon | Online | 5/13/2021
Alexandra makes class super engaging and encourages conversation in Spanish. She gets to know her students well and helps us learn vocabulary that's relevant to our interests.

  Fallon | Online | 5/3/2021
I learned a lot in her class and I enjoy how she engages the class in participation.

  LouAnn Bell | Online | 5/2/2021
Alexandra is very upbeat and friendly. She explains the material clearly. She is expert in balancing the various ability levels within the class.

  Ryan | Online | 5/1/2021
Wonderful. Loving, caring and she possesses a deep fondness and care for her craft. I would definitely recommend her.