Karen Araujo

Karen Araujo, instructor at Berges Institute

Karen Araujo Mundo was born in Los Angeles, California. She grew up in Venezuela and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Central University of Venezuela.

She has been developing her skills and knowledge in different areas, such as talent management, insurance, public relations, customer service, hospitality, and teaching Spanish and Mathematics.

One of her best experiences was when she was involved with AIESEC, a global student platform where she could explore and discover her potential by welcoming international exchange students and facilitating workshops in soft skills development and team building, along with other learning experiences that strengthened her global mindset and her passion for teaching.

Karen loves languages. She speaks some Brazilian Portuguese, can sing some Greek songs, and knows some basic words and phrases in Dutch.

As a good Venezuelan, she loves dancing Salsa and Merengue, as well as eating arepas and cachapas. She also loves dancing Brazilian rhythms such as Samba, Axe or Pagode, and Greek ones like Zeibekiko and Tsifteteli.

Karen is a world citizen; teaching Spanish is a great opportunity to integrate all her passions, and she will be happy to help you learn this beautiful language with a big smile!

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Upcoming Courses with Karen

Level 4 (Code OL-0519B)

2021-05-19 - 2021-07-21
Wed 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM CT



Level 2 (Code OL-0707B)

2021-07-07 - 2021-09-08
Wed 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM CT



Beginners (Code OL-0723A)

2021-07-23 - 2021-09-24
Fri 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM CT



Student Ratings

  Anonymous | Online | 2/16/2021

This is the second class I’ve taken with Karen and she is so personable and easy to talk with and makes herself very available for the students’ needs.

  Christina | Online | 2/16/2021

Karen was so very nice. She was patient and considerate. She was so considerate when I had to miss a class. She would email me to let me know it was ok and even gave me a pep talk. Learning a second language has been so hard, but with Karen I felt more comfortable.

  Rae | Online | 2/16/2021

Karen was very friendly and fun, but was frequently distracted, stopping instruction to talk to people in her house or to take phone calls. There was one class where she was 30 minutes late. There were at least two classes where everything felt so disjointed, I needed to review all the materials independently and research online to clarify because we got conflicting or unclear instruction. I've already started level 3 and in the two classes I've had, I feel like my new instructor does a better job of explaining context and actual usage, rather than just having us read aloud from the book. I enjoyed the energy Karen brought to each class, and appreciated how friendly and kind she was, but I wish she was better prepared and more focused during class time.

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