Edgardo Salgado

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Edgardo Salgado, instructor at Berges Institute

Edgardo Salgado was born in Barranquilla, Colombia and raised not far from there in the northern part of the country where he acquired a bilingual education since an early age. While still in his childhood he developed a passion for drawing and other visual arts; and later also for language, specifically Spanish. At age 19 he moved to the U.S to pursue his studies in graphic arts in Florida and in 2014 he came to NYC looking for an environment to harness his career and creativity. He is currently finishing his studies in Linguistics after his passion for the science of language grew beyond Spanish alone. Edgardo loves explaining and helping anybody who shows interests in learning Spanish or asks questions about the language; he can go on about it if prompted to. He has been working as a freelance illustrator, translator, interpreter and Spanish tutor since he moved to NYC.

When he's not drawing, reading about linguistics or learning a language (currently French and trying to start with Greek), he’s most likely enjoying a book, a movie, a concert, an art show or a new food spot; or simply playing soccer and cruising around on a skateboard.

Upcoming Courses with Edgardo

Beginners (Code OL-0215H)

2022-02-15 - 2022-04-19
Tue 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM CT

Beginners (Code OL-0215G)

2022-02-15 - 2022-04-19
Tue 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM CT
Only 1 seat left!

Level 2 (Code OL-0217F)

2022-02-17 - 2022-04-21
Thu 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM CT

Student Ratings

  Ed Romanoff | Online | 11/22/2021
I had a great experience and really liked Edgardo as a teacher. Very laidback and helpful at the same time.

  Jose Bernal-Lopez | Online | 6/9/2021
Great experience. Ed is a wonderful teacher. Was able to understand important nuances that I didn't know before. He gave all of us the opportunity to present our work and we learned from each other's mistakes. Not a fan of online courses, but working with him was the best online experience I've had. Also enjoyed the other members of the class. Will take him again for level 4. Muchisimas gracias, Edgardo!

  Raynier Matias | Online | 5/13/2021
Edgardo is very knowledgeable in the history of the language often share a bit of context on a word which I enjoyed. He also did a good job at explaining concepts.
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