We offer both Spanish group classes and private lessons for adults in a relaxed atmosphere. We use our own teaching approach: the Graf Method. It is a logic-based system that takes advantage of the speaking skills you already have in your native language to teach you Spanish.

We show you how the language works. By taking classes with us you will acquire a basic set of tools that will allow you to express yourself in nearly every topic and every tense in a relatively short amount of time.

"The Graf Method for learning Spanish is excellent. I was very pleased with how the lessons were presented, the material and the way the classes moved quickly where necessary. I also was very please with a private lesson I had that covered 3 lessons I had missed. The instructor, Rolando González, moved me through the material easily and quickly. I highly recommend the Method and form of instruction."

— Dr. Louise Menlo, NYC

"I think the Graf Method is really very logical. It's almost like developmental milestones, things progress in a logical manner. Almost the same as crawling before walking. I have now completed Levels 2 - 5 and I am looking forward to doing Basic Conversation. I would definitely recommend this School to anyone who wants to improve or learn Spanish from scratch."

— Averil Weir, NYC

"I am very happy that I took this class, it totally met my expectations. The book and the method are great, everything is organized, and I appreciate the reminder emails for schedule and homework. It is very good to have the option to make up for a class on another day if one cannot attend the regular class. Víctor S. at the front desk is super helpful."

— Bettina Klein-Nau, NYC

Taking Spanish Classes with Us

We specialize in Spanish language teaching. Although our method could easily be extrapolated to other languages, we developed it with the sole purpose of effectively teaching Spanish to English-speaking adults. Our curriculum consists of five grammar levels plus several conversation courses. At the end of each level, students are required to pass an exam. Students taking conversation classes are required to do two oral presentations per course.

We can proudly say that, after taking all five levels and completing three or four conversation courses, our students are able to read, write, understand and speak Spanish with solid proficiency.


We have two beautiful centers in New York City and Chicago. You can click on the links below to learn more about them.

Spanish Classes in Chicago

Spanish Classes in NYC

Spanish Classes Online


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Our Instructors

All our instructors are native Spanish speakers with several years of teaching experience, and, most importantly, we all share a passion for teaching. Please visit our Instructors & Staff page to read more about our amazing teachers in New York City and Chicago.

Our Students

We have students of all ages and backgrounds, and we are proud of this diversity. Although the majority of our students are professionals in their 30s, 40s and 50s, many younger and older folks attend classes at Berges. Some people only take two or three courses with us in order to prepare for a trip, and some people stay with us for years and reach fluency. Regarding the reasons for taking classes with us, we found in a survey that 61.4% of our students do it purely for personal growth, which we think is amazing! (If you are curious, 21.2%, 13.5% and 3.9% percent said their reason behind their decision to learn/improve their Spanish was professional development, family/relationships and “other,” respectively.)

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